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Part 1 How to Prepare an Effective CV/Resume | US $165

This program includes a 60-minute telephone session (we pay for the call) with your career coach who will help you master the skill of preparing an effective CV (or resume).

A PowerPoint presentation and a sample CV/resume that you can open on your PC or laptop will be provided by email in advance of the session.

The topics covered during the session include:

  • Developing a winning format and style for your CV
  • Pinpointing your profile
  • Identifying your key skills and experience
  • Importance of identifying and marketing your achievements
  • Other tips and techniques for creating a successful CV

Part 2 Two Weeks of On-line Support | US $165

Following the session in Part 1, up to two weeks of support is available from our coaches by email and telephone as you create your own CV/resume using the model CV template and the skills you have learned.

Your coach will work with you and critique your CV/resume, making comments and suggestions for improvement and helping you to develop a winning CV/resume.

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