In the early 2000's, Daniel and Jeanie Ough recognized the growing need to help individuals develop or change their careers. In response to his time as a career columnist, Daniel set up Sandpiper coaching in 2005. Having both enjoyed successful corporate careers, Daniel and Jeanie lent their expertise to the many professionals in UAE needing specialist career guidance.

Paul joined Sandpiper Coaching in 2009 and over the next 3 years he assumed full responsibility for the career development practice. However, Daniel and Jeanie remain key advisors to the business.

Our Philosophy


We spend more than half our waking hours at work. We firmly believe that this time spent at work should be a time of mutually beneficial service with the employee experiencing personal growth and fulfillment.

We want our clients to see work as a positive experience where they can contribute their talents to something larger than themselves. We believe that employees produce excellent work when they find their “fit” with skills, attitudes, and work preferences. If this is not the case we help our clients understand the characteristics to look for considering an internal or external shift.


Our Profile

Sandpiper Coaching offers services in:

  • career and executive coaching

  • leadership development consulting and training along with

  • group facilitation and strategic planning

Sandpiper serves a range of businesses and individuals working in a wide variety of verticals predominately in UAE & other GCC countries, with further clients in Middle East, Europe & North Africa.