successful onboarding




Our Tune-up Package includes four coaching sessions and helps you identify and implement the changes which will help you secure your next promotion.


Our On-boarding Package is three sessions and will help clients navigate their first six months with a new employer. Using our tools, clients will develop a better understanding of the company culture and how to relate to managers, employees, and subordinates in way that leads to their first exceedingly positive performance appraisal in the new role.


Our Re-Alignment Package includes eight sessions will help you identify your optimal career path, the steps you need to take, and obstacles to overcome in order to maximize your personal goals and increase job satisfaction.

Our Re-Vamp Package includes thirteen sessions and helps clients find a new direction and focus for their lives and careers. We help clients discover their passion, develop a vision, create a plan, and find career happiness.

I met with Sandpiper coaching at a time I was planning a career change. The structure and tools that they provided gave me a clear road map to achieve my goals. I was offered my dream job sooner than expected and 2 1/2 years later I am still thankful that I made the decision to hire Sandpiper!
— Krysta, Management Executive