Education comes from within; you get it by struggle and effort and thought
— Napoleon Hill


Not enjoying your job

We spend most of our waking hours in the workplace. This time can either be enjoyable, energizing, and sometimes challenging or it can feel as if you are stuck in the middle of the desert.  A career coach works with you to help you understand what isn’t working and how to get out of the desert and into the oasis.


Starting a new job

Nothing is better than the excitement of a new job. But what happens when you experience the reality of unclear expectations, a new environment, and different challenges? Successfully navigating the first six months of the job is critical to your long-term success at the company. We work with you to quickly understand the social and performance aspects of your new job to position yourself for future promotions.


Stuck in the wrong job

It is not uncommon to meet with people that feel they are in the wrong role. However, we counsel clients to take the time understand the real reasons for job dissatisfaction before jumping to a new role. We have the expertise to help you break unhelpful patterns by understanding what’s not working and why and how to create a new, healthy future.


Getting Promoted

Getting a promotion takes more than just doing your job well. To move up the ladder you have to prove that you are ready to handle new, complex challenges. This takes consistently working your best, staying dedicated to your work, and developing a strategy for personal improvement and communication so that you are noticed.  Our coaches will work with to create a personalized development plan so you are correctly positioned for that next promotion.


Retirement / Second Career

The reality of retirement is often romanticised as some kind of long-term vacation. However, many find retirement boring and unfulfilling and search for a second career. Values and priorities change as people grow older and what constitutes a “great job” also changes. We believe that through coaching and self-evaluation it is possible to live a deeply fulfilling life when the time for “full-time work” ends. 

I worked with Sandpiper when facing an extremely difficult challenge as a leader. After skillful questioning and insight, I was able to identify key areas on which to focus, and as a result of coaching gained clarity and ways forward for the future. Sandpiper combined a high level of professional skill with immense kindness and an innate understanding of human nature; traits which ensured I was challenged
— Clare (Education)